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Taser devices, such as those manufactured by Axon (previously known as TASER International), typically use specific rechargeable batteries designed for their products. The most common battery used in Axon’s Taser devices is the “Taser Power Magazine” or “Taser PM”.

When looking for Taser replacement batteries for your Taser device, it’s crucial to ensure you get the correct battery model and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Using unauthorized or incorrect batteries may lead to malfunctions, reduced performance, or potential safety hazards.

To find the appropriate replacement batteries for your specific Taser model, you should visit the official website of Axon ( or contact their customer support directly. They can provide you with the most accurate information about compatible batteries and where to purchase them. Please note that taser replacement batteries vary depending on the model of each taser. Some models may be more difficult to find than others due to demand.

Since Taser models and accessories may have changed or been updated after my last update, it’s always a good idea to verify the latest information and ensure you are getting the correct and genuine replacement batteries for your Taser device.

Check out our Taser section at Destination Tactical for your taser, battery or parts. We have many taser replacement batteries for most the most popular taser models.

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