The Destination for Optics, Firearm Parts and Accessories

Upgrading a pistol is a great way to customize the look, accuracy, or comfort. Almost all major handgun manufacturers have an aftermarket market for parts, accessories and upgrades.

Some of the most popular pistol upgrades and modifications among firearms enthusiasts and shooters include:

  1. Aftermarket Sights: Upgrading the factory-installed sights to high-visibility sights, fiber optic sights, or night sights can significantly improve target acquisition and accuracy, especially in low-light conditions.
  2. Trigger Upgrades: Installing aftermarket triggers with reduced pull weight, smoother travel, and a crisper break can enhance the pistol’s overall performance and shooter’s control.
  3. Upgraded Slides: These can reduce the weight of the pistol, and can be milled to accept an optic. Multiple options for cuts, optic compatibility, and colors are readily available.
  4. Extended Magazine Releases: An extended magazine release can make it easier and faster to drop the magazine for quick reloads.
  5. Grip Enhancements: Adding grip tape, stippling, or grip sleeves can improve the pistol’s ergonomics and provide a more secure grip, especially during rapid fire or adverse conditions.
  6. Recoil Springs and Guide Rods: Upgrading recoil springs or guide rods can help control recoil, improve muzzle flip, and aid in faster follow-up shots.
  7. Magazine Base Plates: Extended base plates or magazine extensions can increase the magazine capacity and provide a more comfortable grip during reloads.
  8. Slide Milling for Red Dot Sights: Milling the slide to accommodate a mini red dot sight can allow for faster target acquisition and improved accuracy.
  9. Custom Slide and Frame Finishes: Applying custom finishes to the slide and frame can enhance aesthetics and provide added protection against wear and corrosion.
  10. Magwell Funnel: Adding a magwell funnel can facilitate faster and smoother magazine reloads.
  11. Threaded Barrels: Threaded barrels allow for the attachment of suppressors or muzzle devices, which can reduce recoil and muzzle rise while shooting suppressed.
  12. Laser Sights: These can be a unique way for rapid target acquisition.

It’s important to note that modifying or upgrading a firearm can have legal implications depending on your jurisdiction. Always check and comply with local firearm laws and regulations before making any modifications. Additionally, if you’re not familiar with firearms maintenance or upgrading, consider seeking assistance from a qualified gunsmith to ensure proper installation and safety.

Top Manufacturers for Pistol Upgrades

There are numerous companies that manufacture parts for pistol upgrades. Here are some popular companies known for producing upgraded parts for pistols:

  1. Trijicon: Known for their high-quality pistol sights, including night sights and red dot sights.
  2. Apex Tactical Specialties: Produces trigger kits, barrels, and other aftermarket parts for popular pistol models.
  3. ZEV Technologies: Offers customized slides, barrels, triggers, and other upgrades for various handguns.
  4. Agency Arms: Specializes in custom Glock slides and other performance-enhancing components.
  5. Lone Wolf Distributors: Known for Glock aftermarket parts, including barrels, slides, and trigger upgrades.
  6. Wilson Combat: Offers premium custom parts and accessories for 1911-style pistols and other handguns.
  7. Magpul Industries: Known for producing polymer magazines, grips, and other accessories for various pistol models.
  8. Triarc Systems: Offers custom Glock slides and barrels, as well as other pistol upgrades.
  9. Strike Industries: Produces various pistol accessories, including grips, compensators, and slide enhancements.
  10. Tyrant Designs CNC: Specializes in aftermarket Glock accessories, such as extended magazine releases and slide plates.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other reputable companies in the firearms industry that produce upgraded parts for pistols. Before purchasing any aftermarket parts, ensure that they are compatible with your specific pistol model and comply with all relevant laws and regulations in your area. Always prioritize safety and consider seeking advice from knowledgeable professionals or experienced shooters if you’re unsure about which upgrades are best for your firearm.