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Holosun recently released their EPS models. After being asked a lot of questions regarding fitment we thought it would make sense to explain the Holosun EPS footprints and variations between all of the models in this lineup.

Holosun EPS Carry Footprint

The EPS Carry utilizes Holosun’s “K” compact mounting footprint. The “K” footprint is designed to direct mount to slides for Shield RMSc without recoil lugs. Pistols milled or purchased that are optic ready for an RMSc optic will not need an adapter plate to mount these optics.

Holosun EPS Footprints

Holosun EPS features a modification of the Shield RMS/SMS mounting standard. Any optic ready pistols purchased that are set up for the Shield RMS/SMS footprint, or slides milled for this footprint will not need an adapter plate.

Holosun EPS Carry Lineup

There are quite a few models within the EPS Carry Lineup.

The EPS Carry RD2 is a 2MOA dot

EPS Carry RD6 is a 6MOA Dot

EPS Carry MRS is has a multi-reticle circle and dot.

EPS Carry GR2 is a 2MOA Green Dot

EPS Carry GR6 is a 6MOA Green Dot

EPS Carry GR MRS is a Green multi-reticle circle and dot.

Holosun EPS Lineup

Holosun EPS RD2

Holosun EPS RD6

Holosun EPS MRS

Holosun EPS GR2

Holosun EPS GR6

Holosun EPS Green MRS

Holosun EPS Footprints
The Holosun EPS Footprints fit quite a few models of pistols on the market today, and are more rugged than the previous “K” model optics in our opinion. For any questions on fitment of any Holosun EPS Footprints or any other Holosun models, don’t hesitate to contact us at