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Riton Optics Scopes

Riton Optics Scopes

Rition Optics at Destination Tactical

Riton Optics was built around the belief that any hardworking man or woman should be able to afford high quality optics. We have pushed the boundaries and been able to formulate a process by which we can provide high quality optics that beat the competition on all price levels. Riton Optics is the best value in the optics industry and we don’t need to cut corners to give you that value.

As a company founded by Law Enforcement and Military Veterans, we take our commitment to service seriously. Beyond being members of the Riton team, we are also hunters, marksmen, outdoorsmen and women, and ultimately consumers just like you. For that reason, we base our standards for service on the Golden Rule, as we will always provide you with the level of service that we expect to receive as consumers.

We take pride in providing service that exceeds your expectations and reminds you of times when good service was not a rarity.

With service at the core of everything we do at Riton, we provide the industry’s best warranty on all of our products. Our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty requires no proof of purchase or registration. If you have an issue with your optic, you send it back to us with an Warranty Claim Form and we replace it for you with a brand new product. You will not receive any repair or refurbished products from Riton. We are also committed to sending out replacement product within 48 business hours.

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